Protect Your Home

You never know when a break-in or theft can occur.  If you value
something- protect it!  Whether it’s the safety of your home, security
your business, or whereabouts of your company vehicle, AIC Security
has solutions for you!  We install and provide monitoring services
with 24 hour guaranteed call response and will gladly explain any
questions you have or may encounter.  Call 570-839-2225 or
855-AIC-ALARM today or visit us at for a free

Protect Your Home or Business

Protect your home or business with AIC Security and take advantage of the best value and most extensive monitoring systems in the Pocono Mountain area.  Our customers can contact experienced, well-trained, and courteous staff 24 hours, 7 days a week!  It’s our goal to protect and maintain the security of your investment!  We’re more than happy to explain in detail our monitoring services and answer any questions you might have, so call us at 570-839-2225 or 855-AIC-ALARM today!  Read more about us at

Protect Your Store, Office Complex, or Business

Protect your store, office complex, or business with our commercial security services.   We provide the latest security products and technology that will be most suitable for your specific needs.  If you’re looking for something more sophisticated than a basic alarm system we can provide full security, 24 hour surveillance and even technology that can be controlled with your mobile device. Protect your business assets, including your employees, with a new security system installed by AIC Security.  Visit for details